facebooksliverblacksquare1a YB Collective is a Medical Cannabis Collective presently consisting of seven locations throughout San Jose, California. Striving to provide the Patients of San Jose the finest in high quality medical marijuana products and strains. Featuring such fine products as Cheeba Chews, Yak Edibles, Bhang Chocolates, Shaman Healers, 420 Bars, Chronic Tonic and Tetra Labs, just to name a few. Our long list of top shelf strains include, Girl Scout Cookie, Grand Daddy Purple, ChemDawg, Skywalker OG, Platinum Girl Scout, OG Kush, Jack and Jill, Cotton CaTYClogo160andy and Cherry Pie.

For those Patients that are looking for concentrates, we have them! Wax, Full Melt, Bubble Hash, Hash Oil, Super Melts and more!

We carry a long line of accessories for the discerning Patients! Vaporizers like the Fusion Pen, iDragon Fire, Trippy Stix and the Omicon. Quality hemp and rice rolling papers like RAW, Elements, JOB and Bob Marley are available, as well as nice line of pipes.


The YB Collective welcomes you to our
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Below are some of the Strains that we have had, or currently carrying. These images are photographed by our staff with our buds. Our strain archive consists of medicinal Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids. Be sure and check back frequently because the information and photos are constantly being updated. Should you have any suggestions or information you think are useful to mention on any of our strain descriptions, feel free to email us at info@ybcollective.com. Our goal is to provide thorough information to all Cannabis Patients Worldwide. Enjoy!

If you would like to see all of our Pictorial Archive of Medicinal Cannabis Strains, please go HERE.


HeadBandBL400w1 PineappleExpress400w
GrandDaddyPurpleBest400w IncredibleHulkBL400w
JacknJillBL400w LemonDieselBL400w OGKush2400w PurpleKush400w SpaceQueenBL400w
TropicalPunchBL400w VaderKushBL400w GooeyWreck02400w DutchCrunchb400w ChemDawgwlogoblackbg400w
GirlScoutCookies400w BlackBubba400w BarneysLSD400w BlueberryOG400w GDPxBluedream400w
GrapeApe400w NYCD400w PlatinumKush400w Tragic400w Trinidad400w


If you would like to see all of our Pictorial Archive of Medicinal Cannabis Strains, please go HERE.

For Recently Added Strains Click Here!

Check out our YB Strains Video Pages for great info on medicinal cannabis strains and the regions of the World where these strains originated!

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